virginia theater: AgeS 6-8


What I'm learning

  • Physical Development:

When I dance, move and perform on stage, I am helping my muscle growth and movement skills. 

  • Literacy and Language:

I am practicing my reading skills by writing and reading scripts in a comfortable and fun atmosphere.
I am introduced to new worlds that deal with the technical aspects of theater (lights, sound effects, set design, etc.).

  • Social Learning:

I am imagining what life is like for the characters I am portraying on stage.

  • Reasoning and Problem Solving:

I am contributing my ideas for lighting, sound, costumes, and movement with others on stage with me.



Play & Learn Together:

  • Encourage your child to create their very own play and perform it.


  • Children can assign roles to various friends and family members to help with their production.


  • Help your child sketch and draw their own characters or set design using the paper and pencils in the Art Smart exhibit area.