super service center: AgeS 3-5 


What I'm learning

  • Physical Development:

I am gaining hand-eye coordination and strength needed to use tools and manipulate larger parts.

  • Literacy and Language:

I am verbally expressing my actions and plans when I work on the car or take a service call. 

  • Social Learning:

I am communicating with my peers to plan and execute specific actions and roles.

  • Reasoning and Problem Solving:

I am determining the functions of the different tools within the center based on my observations.



Play & Learn Together:

  • Extend your child’s learning by naming the parts of the car and the function for each part.


  • Suggest role-play experiences to your child, like calling a client to tell them that their car is ready to be picked up.  


  • Explain to your child the purpose of the creeper (the rolling wooden board under the car) and encourage them to try using it.