ART SMART: AgeS 6-8 


What I'm learning

  • Physical Development:

I am beginning to meet self-determined goals with more accuracy because my fine motor skills are more developed. (For example, a child is able to carry out their plan to make a birthday card for a friend.) 

  • Literacy and Language:

I am using more descriptive language to discuss and explain my artwork. 

  • Social Learning:

I am able to communicate and create art products with peers. 

  • Reasoning and Problem Solving:

I am learning to plan the necessary steps of an artistic project.  



Play & Learn Together:

  • Encourage your child to use a wide variety of art materials.


  • Allow your child to complete an art project entirely on their own, only giving direction if they ask for it.


  • Invite your child to “donate” their artwork to the museum’s art display wall.


  • Allow plenty of time for your child to clean up their work area thoroughly and independently.