Play is the highest form of research.
— Albert Einstein

At Explore More Discovery Museum, PLAY is serious business!

While your child may describe his/her interactions at the museum as fun, you can rest assured that real learning is taking place. Play, often referred to as the "work of childhood," is vital to a child's healthy development and at Explore More, we strive to provide a rich environment that fosters children's natural curiosity and creativity.

Brain development research is providing concrete evidence that there is great power in play. Studies also emphasize the importance of early experiences with 85% of brain development occuring by the age of five. Explore More is deliberate in its effort to create unique exhibits that offer hands-on, minds-on learning. 

The next time you visit the museum with your child, take heart in knowing the tremendous cognitive benefit you provide when you spend time together whipping up a tasty treat in CK's Kitchen, exploring new roles in the Virginia Theater, building structures in the Construction Zone, shopping for produce in Farmer's Market, or changing tires in the Super Service Center. Through these experiences, children learn how to interact with their world while gaining essential skills (i.e. problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking) that are vital for success in the 21st century.

Explore More recently partnered with graduate students from James Madison University's College of Education. The students were challenged by their professor, Dr. Smita Mathur, to observe children in each of the museum's core exhibits and to create a summary of age-related learning outcomes and suggestions for parents. 


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