What I'm learning

  • Physical Development:

I am learning how to use my muscles through crawling, climbing and walking.

  • Literacy and Language:

I am learning how to make connections between words and gestures.

  • Social Learning:

I am learning how to invite others into my playing experiences.

  • Reasoning and Problem Solving:

I am learning through trial and error, as well as through sorting and grouping.



Play & Learn Together: 

  • Talk with your child as you play to help them expand their vocabulary and make connections between words and things. 
  • Help your child climb in our soft play area and encourage them to slide down the cottage slide.
  • Place a variety of toys and books within your child’s reach and allow them to explore freely.
  • Explore cause and effect using cars and balls on the track wall. 
  • Arrange the pieces on the velcro wall and talk about colors and shapes.