Explore More Discovery Museum moved to its current location in 2010. (Learn more about 2002 - 2010) 
Expansion has always been part of the long-term plan and vision. At this time, we offer educational exhibits and programs on the ground floor of our 150 S. Main Street location. The need for additional space has become a great priority and we are eager to maximize the full potential of this 3-story, 33,000 square foot facility. With two upper floors available and ready for build-out, the time has come to start the climb. This requires a significant fundraising effort and thanks to community support, we are making progress. 



While we have completed full construction plans for the 2nd and 3rd floors, this initial phase will focus on shell build-out. After completion of the shell and when funds are secured, the 2nd floor will be home to future exhibits and the 3rd floor will serve as a Community Education Center housing classrooms, cooking lab, and multipurpose space.

Lantz Construction has been hired as the general contracting firm. After receiving bids for the complete project, we learned that the cost to complete both the 2nd and 3rd floor infrastructure build-out is approximately $1.3 million. This amount exceeds available funds, making it necessary to phase the project and reduce scope.

We have committed $975,000 to this initial scope of work to include build-out of the 2nd floor and pave the way for future exhibits as sponsorship funds are secured. With the exception of some demolition and windows, most of the 3rd floor work to prepare the  Community Education Center is on hold at this time.

Construction crews began site work on June 27 and will complete most of this shell work by end of March.

We are working to raise funds while construction is underway. The more infrastructure funds that we invest while our construction firm is on-site, the more cost-effective the project. Our short-term goal is to raise an additional $350,000 so we can install HVAC, electricity and bathrooms on the 3rd floor. 

As you can imagine, building out heating and cooling systems or bathrooms is not particularly exciting to children. It is, however, the foundation necessary to create the magic and continue our CLIMB.

Speaking of our climb, after five years of requests from children to enter the tree house, we will finally be able to say, “YES!” A significant donation is making it possible to complete the Discovery Tree exhibit. We’re also working on the creation of a 2nd floor Maker/Art Space that will be geared to our tween audience. Our Imagination Playground will also be ready for building new creations. We hope to have the second floor open on a limited schedule by late spring 2017.


Want to learn more about the expansion and how you can be involved? Contact Lisa Shull at lisa@iexploremore.com.



The future 2nd floor Arts & Innovation area will offer eight new, interactive exhibit galleries! Explore in the tree house,build in the construction zone, fly the airplane, create movies, music and art! With a successful campaign, our kids will finally be able to enjoy their tree house…yes, it’s time to climb!!


Wait, There's More oN the THIRD FLOOR



The 3rd Floor Community Education Center will provide greatly needed multi-purpose space for educational programs and special events. Two new classrooms and a kitchen facility will offer unique opportunities to expand enrichment offerings.


EXPLORE CULINARY ARTS: This spacious kitchen will provide opportunities for children and families to prepare nutritious, delicious foods together. From cooking classes to guest chef events, this is a place where food connects us to our community and each other. 

THE GREAT HALL: Multi-purpose space for performances, traveling exhibits, receptions, conferences, and educational community events—a unique setting day or night!

EDUCATIONAL CLASSROOMS: Two innovative learning spaces offer the perfect destination for school field trips, enrichment classes or community meetings and programs.