Experience time in the Museum’s state-of-the-art Makerspace, a creative workshop studio where kids can explore STEAM concepts first-hand. Students will invent, construct, problem solve and collaborate while mastering important skills. Each field trip will offer instructional time in our fully-equipped maker space where participants will experiment with a wide variety of tools and materials. Groups will spend additional time exploring Museum exhibits.


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Perfect for small groups - 30 participant maximum
Spend half of your time exploring in the Museum and half your time in Maker City creating, problem-solving, investigating and more. Open Make format. We have the equipment and supplies, and students furnish the creativity. $70 minimum $7.00 per child (includes $1.50 materials fee)

Focused Making

$8.00 per child (includes $1.50 material fee)
Open to groups no larger than 50, split into two activity sessions. Students in grades 4 & 5 will be scheduled in 2-hour blocks and will complete SOL-based experiences while also exploring the museum. $75 minimum

4th Grade Options

  • Explore Circuitry: Students will bring paper to life as they light up their own original drawings with simple circuits. Students will gain a better understanding of circuitry as they use their creativity and investigative skills. SOL Science 4.3; Art 4.1, 4.3

  • Kinetics & Cars: How do you make a balloon powered car move, and on which surface will it go fastest?  Students will build cars, learn about potential and kinetic energy, and explore friction through experiments using their vehicles. This trip also includes a physics demonstration using fun hands-on physics equipment including a bicycle wheel gyroscope and other cool gadgets. SOLs: Science 4.1, 4.2

5th Grade Options

  • Kaleidoscopes: Everything we see is dependent on light and we can manipulate what we see by manipulating that light! Students will explore how light moves, bends, bounces, and breaks by designing and building a kaleidoscope. SOL Science 5.3; Art 5.2