• Water, Water Everywhere: Explore Earth, the water planet, and learn more about the properties of H2O. Through experimentation, students will discover the principles of floating and sinking while problem-solving to construct their own boats.SOLs: Science K1 a,g,h,j; K
  • Economics of the Farmer's Market: Children will investigate their roles as consumers and discover the importance of spending their money wisely as they explore the difference between wants and needs. Using real money, they will have opportunities make economic choices as they "shop for produce in the market. SOLs: Social Studies K.7, Math K.6, K.7
  • Measurement Matters: Measure once, measure twice! Using standard and non-standard units, students will experiment with a variety of measurement tools as they sort objects by length and weight, chart data, make comparisons and draw conclusions. Students will experience this first-hand as they make their own scientific concoctions. SOLs: Math K.8, K10, Science K.1, a, d, e, h, j