• Weather Watchers:  This trip is a partnership with WHSV TV-3 and includes instructional time with a meteorologist.  Students will learn about instruments used to collect weather data while conducting experiments and exploring various weather conditions (clouds, fronts, storms). SOLs: Science 4.6

  • It’s Electric!: How does electricity work?  This offering provides hands-on experiences in making circuits (open/closed, parallel/series) and other elements of electricity. SOLs: Science 4.3

  • Kinetics & Cars: How do you make a balloon powered car move, and on which surface will it go fastest?  Students will build cars, learn about potential and kinetic energy, and explore friction through experiments using their vehicles. This trip also includes a physics demonstration using fun hands-on physics equipment including a bicycle wheel gyroscope and other cool gadgets. SOLs: Science 4.1, 4.2