• Weather Watchers: Weather patterns and seasonal changes affect plants, animals and the environment.  Students will investigate migration, camouflage, hibernation, and dormancy.  This trip is a partnership with WHSV TV-3 and includes instructional time with a meteorologist.  SOLs: Science 2.6, 2.7; English 2.9

  • Economics of the Farmer’s Market: Examine the differences between natural, capital and human resources.  Students will explore the concept of bartering through hands-on activities and will also have a chance to shop in the museum Farmer’s Market. SOLs: Social Studies 2.8, 2.9; Math 2.10

  • What’s the Attraction?Find out how much fun the world can be when you think like a scientist!  Students will discover the power of magnets through hands-on investigations into such concepts as magnetic fields, attraction and repulsion, force, north and south poles, and the magnetic compass. SOLs: Math 2.17, 2.18; Science 2.1, 2.2