September Construction update...the real scoop!

Please note: The Museum has held an extended shut-down this year to spruce up and do some upper level renovation. To clarify: While you will see many changes on the first floor, the 2nd and 3rd floors will not be accessible or fully developed with exhibits and program spaces when we reopen on September 20. By the end of the year, we expect to have some limited access to the renovated 2nd floor shell space, along with the opening of the Discovery Treehouse.

Not a single day goes by that our staff isn’t asked, “Can we get in the treehouse?” 

For nearly six years, we have wanted to say YES and invite the children to enjoy this greatly anticipated exhibit. Well, drum roll please….the wait is almost over! The tree is being pruned, the plans are taking shape, and we anticipate that the treehouse will be ready and open on the 2nd floor by the end of 2016.

Special thanks to our generous donor family! They are eager to provide this quintessential childhood experience to children throughout the Valley.


Q: I see construction signs at Explore More. What else is happening? 

A: We are under construction to complete the 2nd floor shell. Until exhibit sponsorships are secured, we’ll use the 2nd level to access the Discovery Treehouse, to hold special programs, and to develop a brand new Maker Space.

Q: Is there a 3rd floor?

A: Yes, there is a 3rd floor and while we have carried out a small scope
of work, such as punched window openings, this portion of our project will be completed at a later time when additional funds are available. Visit our website to see the full vision for the Community Education Center. 

Q: We love the museum. How can we help?

A: The museum is a community effort and we need your help right now. If you want to volunteer, provide an in-kind service or make a financial contribution, it will be greatly appreciated. Our vision is BIG; our budget is limited. Please help us stretch it in any way you can. 

This is an exciting time at your Discovery Museum! Please continue to share ideas and questions. Be sure to check our website often to follow progress!